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NFA ATF Examiner Signature Gallery

This page is here to help match signatures with ATF examiner names to facilitate trend tracking.

NFA items such as silencers, short-barrel rifles (SBR), machine guns, short barrel shotguns (SBS), destructive devices (DD), and any-other-weapon (AOW) are approved or disapproved by examiners for the ATF. Some folks keep track of approvals for wait time trends, the quantity of examiners, and who (if anyone) is doing batch approvals.

If you have a picture of a missing signature or a new signature please email me: [email protected] or chat on reddit /u/handgunhero_dave.

For now this does NOT include amnesty Form 1 Examiners.

Angela / Augua Edwards

Ashley Newcome [image missing]

Beth Palmer

Brian Martin

Carrie Fishel

Carol Ripley

Cathleen Sheppard

CBV / EBV / E. Bennett (?)

Christina Farris

Danela Gilbert

E. Ann Feltner [image missing]

Emile Payne

Emma Louise

Heather Huff [image missing]

Heather Zasko/Zaske [image missing]

Gregory McCluskey / G Stucky / G S Tuckey

Jacob Huff

Jessica Alebron (?) [image missing]

Jessica Hayes [image missing]

Jessica Mason

Katelyn Hardy

Katlyn Saville

Keith D. Hammond

Kerri Hinzman [image missing]

Kristin M. [image missing]

Michael Emery [image missing]

Nathan Hartsock

Nichole Statler

Patricia Mays [image missing]

Phillip Pruitt

Rachel Ballard

R.K. Sinclair / Rebecca Sinclair

Robin Chesek

Sara F [image missing]

Shannon D [image missing]

Tracey Campbell

Trish Bartles

Unidentified #5

Unidentified #6