Handgun Submission Guide

We really appreciate help in gathering specs and images to keep growing the handgun comparison database.

Please fill out the handgun submission spreadsheet and send it to¬†[email protected]. The more complete information you can provide, the more quickly the handguns can be added.

Handgun Submission Spreadsheet Template

Download it here


  • Length
  • Height (shortest factory magazine inserted)
  • Width (measured at widest points)
  • Weight (with empty magazine, no accessories)
  • Barrel length


  • Manufacturer name
  • Handgun type (pistol, revolver, derringer, other)
  • Size (competition, full, compact, subcompact, pocket, J-frame, other)
  • Trigger (DA/SA, Striker Fired, SAO, DAO)
  • URL of page on manufacturer's website
  • Cartridges and capacities


  • Facing left
  • Facing right
  • Back (optional, but very useful)

Guidelines for good images

  • Remove accessories
  • As pictured, the dimensions need to match the length/height/width above
  • Take the picture from as straight overhead as possible to reduce perspective distortion
  • Use a white background like printer paper
  • Use multiple light sources to minimize shadows
  • Avoid glare (lighting/flash and stainless finishes)