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Glock G33 Dimensions and Specifications

Summary of Glock G33

The Glock G33 is a striker-fired, subcompact pistol chambered in 357 Sig. Its barrel length measures 3.43 inches, making it ideal for easy handling. It offers multiple cartridge capacities, making it versatile for various shooting purposes. The cartridge capacities range from 9+1 to 16+1 - with the capacity numbers being 10, 13, 14, 15, and 16 respectively. Its dimensions, specifically its slim width of 1.26 inches, emphasize its convenience for concealed carry. Despite its compact size, it weighs 21.87 ounces which is an aspect to note as it may be slightly heavier than similar models. The Glock G33 proves that size doesn't compromise power, displaying high muzzle velocity and energy characteristics. It includes two magazines with its packaging, making it ready for immediate operation out of the box. The Glock G33 excels in balancing power, size, and convenience, offering an all-around high-performance subcompact pistol.

Glock G33 Dimensions

  Length L Height H Width W Weight W
Glock G33 6.5 in 4.21 in 1.26 in 21.87 oz

Glock G33 Details

  Barrel BBL Trigger Website
Glock G33 3.43 in Striker-Fired us.glock.com

Glock G33 Caliber and Capacity

  357 Sig
Glock G33 9 , 10 , 13 , 14 , 15 , 16 (+1)

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